"Shot clandestinely in Myanmar (formerly known as Burma), Anonymously Yours weaves together with brutal honesty the stories of four Burmese women who tell of their life experiences in the dangerous world of sex trafficking in Southeast Asia. Sometimes shocking, often times harrowing, and almost always disturbing, these stories expose the commonplace bartering and selling of women and the cycles of poverty that enslave them. Taking advantage of her limitations, filmmaker Gayle Ferraro brilliantly creates a looming sense of paranoia as she blends the women’s intimate testimony with footage of “everyday” life in the streets of Myanmar. She forces us to slowly and almost hypnotically imagine the details of their stories. And in the process we begin to emotionally connect with these four women survivors who are struggling against all odds to retain their dignity and sense of humor. You will not forget their faces and their voices." —Full Frame Film Festival 

"Sold into the vast Southeast Asian sex trade at ages as young as 10, the half-dozen women interviewed in this devastatingly frank documentary have survived unimaginable abuse, often perpetuated by foreign businessmen. Yet somehow, director Gayle Ferraro keeps her cool, laying the voices of subjects' testimony over travelogue-like images of the cities and villages of Burma and Thailand, with increasing--and perhaps unfair--emphasis on its leering male population. At one point, 17-year-old ZuZu, first raped at age 10, looks into the camera and says, 'I wonder what English-speaking people will think of this. Please don't think badly of me.' "

"In the tradition of our greatest documentarians and journalists, Gayle Ferraro put it all on the line for this important film. She pulls no punches and has zero interest in trying to make you comfortable with the no-way-out desperation of the subject matter, which she tackles head-on. Like a flash of lightning at midnight that illuminates the scene of a crime, 'Anonymously Yours' is shocking and raw. It is also heartbreakingly moving, and will leave anyone with a pulse thinking, feeling, and anxious to act long after the lights go back on." - MovieMaker Magazine, Editor/Publisher, Timothy Rhys 

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